Top 10 Most Expensive Hybrid Electric Cars 2018

Top 10 Most Expensive Hybrid Electric Cars 2018

Electric cars can slash our fuel bills to pennies and cut the cost of car ownership. For most of us that’s good thing, but some people don’t mind playing a premium for something a little flashier. For some time, fuel efficient hybrid cars were small and boxy, and were,t very accommodating for long distance trips. As technology has progressed, hybrid electric cars have pretty much been perfected, some of them out performing traditional combustion engine vehicles as far road legal vehicle are concerned. Their goal is to bring the technology to a point where hybrid electric vehicles are just as affordable to the working man as a Dodge Neon. Some people want to advertise the fact they have money to burn. It’s the very basis of a capitalist Society. Think about it: without that innate desire to rub our success in our neighbor’s face, designer labels just would’t be a thing.

1. Rimac Concept One

The Rimac Concept one may cost a cool million and is considered a top-of-the-line, state-of-art masterprice. This work of art blew the La Ferrari recently of the dragstrip. This car hits sixty miles per hour in 2.8 seconds and 6.2s hits 125 mph. Compared to any other electric car on the road, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. It is faster than anything you can think of, seriously. It comes with the electrical equivalent of 1088bhp and a separate motor for each wheel. That means the Rimac One comes with something more than four-wheel-drive. It’s actually four-wheel torque vectoring that you can tweak with the onboard computers to make the car oversteer, understeer or four-wheel drift.

Average Price: $1m.

Acceleration Rate: Zero to sixty in 2.8 seconds.

Estimated Range per charge: 310 miles.

Horse Power: 1072.

2. Faraday Future FFZero1

The Faraday Future FFZero1 concept looks like the result of an artistically-gifted child’s overactive imagination. Designer Richard Kim is the man behind the BMW i3 and i8, the company has poached staff from Tesla and BMW, and it has 550 staff working at the company now. It has also started work on a $1 billion factory near Las Vegas. This car produces up to 783kW of power or 1050HP, and you can be sure movie stars and footballers are going to fall all over themselves trying to get one of these.

Average Price: $330,000

Acceleration Rate: Zero to sixty in 2.39 seconds.

Estimated Range per charge: 378 miles.

Horse Power: 1050.

3. Genovation GXE

Get one of the world’s fastest and most expensive electric cars legally allowed on the streets only by Genovation GXE. At Cape Canaveral’s Space Shuttle Facility, this car has hit verifiable 295.6 miles per hour. The GXE has two electric motors, with 250kW each at their disposal. That means it has 602lb/ft of torque, on tap from a dead start, and the equivalent of 660bhp. The rear/front distribution of weight is fifty-fifty, Under regular conditions, the GXE gives you a range of 130 miles.

Average Price: $330,000

Acceleration Rate: Zero to sixty in 3 seconds.

Estimated Range: 130 miles.

Horse Power: Over 700

4. Mercedes Benz SLS Electric Drive

The electric Mercedes sports car actually made it into production, briefly, but there are almost certainly less than 20 of these plug-in SLS in private hands. This hatchback fully-electric car has curvaceous exterior details and overly-large wheels excellent handling. This electric car has a single electric motor with a gearbox that has a fixed ratio. There are a skateboard-like platform and a hatchback tailgate. So the 0-60mph time of 3.9s is about as good as things were likely to get and it was always going to be electronically limited to 155mph on paper to respect an age-old agreement between Mercedes, Audi, and BMW.

Average Price: $350,000

Acceleartion Rate: TBA.

Estimated Range Per Charge: TBA.

Horse Power: TBA.

5. Rolls-Royce 102 EX

The 103 EX by Rolls Royce has already been revealed. This car is motoring dream of the future. A battery pack has been swapped for the petrol V12 engine, and it has a 124-mile range and 290kW. Rolls-Royce has already built one and let journalist loose in it, even though it claims it won’t manufacture the thing. This is the future of the world’s most luxurious car manufacturer, though: traditional craftsmanship with electric power.

Average Price: $500,000

Acceleration Rate: Zero to sixty in less than 8 seconds.

Estimated Range per Charge: 124 miles.

Horse power: 389.

6. Lightning GT

Lightning GT is made by a British Company and has created an all-electric super car evolved from its diesel version. The car can be charged fully for five hours, and there is a charge onboard. You can technically order a Lightning and you might technically be able to put down a sizeable deposit on a $300,000 purchase.

Average Price: $300,000

Acceleration Rate: Zero to sixty in 4 seconds.

Estimated Range Per Charge: 300 miles.

Horse Power: 700.

7. Tesla Roadster

Most see Tesla as very expensive vehicles, so it is surprising to see how low they are on this list. The most expensive of the brand is currently the new Tesla Roadster which was announced in late 2017 and is scheduled for a 2020 launch. People will love the touch of flair that comes built into this car. This seriously expensive car has verve and a splash of color on the inside, aero Carbon-fiber add-ons and a seriously set of wheels. The car has a torque of and a-wheel drive system. It can go from zero to sixty in 2.8 seconds flat.


8. eRuf Model A

The world waiting for an electric Porsche 911. But here’s the thing, it already exists. The eRuf Model A was hiding in plain sight the whole time. The eRuf Model A is the same car you have chosen time and time again on Gran Turismo. It is also that 1980 iconic Yellowbird everyone fondly remembers. The German-made car looks just like a Porsche and can even be considered as the electric version of the 911 Porsche.

Average Price: $190,000

Acceleration Rate: zero to sixty in less than 7 seconds.

Estimated Range per Charge: 200 miles.

Horse Power: 201

9. Audi R8 e-tron

We’re guessing at the price, we have to be honest, because Audi just won’t tell us. We do know, though, that the electric R8 is coming. It has been with us since 2009 before it was canned. Now the project is back on the table, but Audi insists on 400km (250 miles) and we’re within touching distance of the goal. Of Course it looks stunning, but it should also have 456bhp and torque to spare. Audi has laid out a plan for an electric SUV, but the R8 will be hot on its heels. it’s going to be incredible.

10. Mansory Tesla Model S P90D

The German tuning scene has taken a while to catch up with the electric car craze, Partially because there’s just no way that they can extract more horsepower from the electronic motors. This is car can humble bonafide sporting legends on the drag strip thanks to its four-wheel-drive system and 713lb/ft of torque on tab that gives it a 2.8s 0-60mph time . Mansory has taken care of that with a set of wheels, some carbon-fiber aero add-ons and a serious splash color and verve on the inside.

Average Price: $160,000.

Acceleration Rate: Zero to sixty in 2.8 seconds.

Estimated Range per Charge: 337 miles.

Horse Power: 324-411.



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