Top10 Most Beautiful countries capital cities in the world

Top 10 Most Beautiful countries capital cities in the world

Here are beautiful countries capitals in the world, Capital comes from Latin word ‘caput’ which means head and it’s not that necessary capital always largest city of the country. Every country has capitals city it usually serve as a seat of government of the country, power in  country, state, region, political unit. All important companies and main government buildings, and high courts all has done in capitals.

The capitals of these motherlands stand flat extra beautiful of the countries. Mostly capital make for some main purpose like introduced for the official meeting with foreigners, political issues, country personal issues new development, growth of the country and other lot of related to country. Now is a list of top 10 countries Most beautiful Main cities (capitals) in the world.

1. London


The most beautiful capital city, London, the city of the kings and Queens, is a situated on the River Thames and that is one of the reasons how it got ranked as the most beautiful capital city. London is efficient, well planned, well ordered and most beautiful Capitals city, great place to spend time holidays and visit extra beautiful places and London park, museum, shops, tower bridge, great history great food which is why many people visit to London and collect memorable moments. London is the one deeply populous and city region. It is measured as the major metropolitan in whole European area. The capital of England is the main international city that exist in the modification in his skill, business, education, fine arts, asset, entertaining, style, fitness, dedicated, facilities, investigates, travel and growth, fashion, latest technology, development. London is most visited and most beautiful Capital in the whole world.

2. Islamabad


Islamabad is capital city of Pakistan and most beautiful city in the world with 5 million populations. Islamabad is famous for the ‘Faisal mosque’ largest mosque in south Asia and fourth largest in the world. The word Islamabad means ‘the city of Isalam.’ This capital city is also famous for its natural beauty park, forest, historical buildings and other charming places like Pakistan monuments, blue areas, RaSwal Lake. Islamabad is really peaceful city, it is highly developed and most beautiful Capital city of the world.

3. Berlin


Berlin is a capital of largest city of Germany has great historical significance. Germany as well as part of 16 State with 3.5 million Populations. It is between the highest greatest fullest and greatest manufacturing single city that eccentrics up growing also. Berlin contains a variety of philosophy and publics. It declare beautiful capital in the world for its lovely parks, garden, rivers, lakes and deep forest also for famous culture, politics, art, creativity, media and science. Berlin also host many sports events, Metropolis is famous for the visitors place. Berlin assists as a continental hub for air and rail terrific and has a complex public transportation web.

4. Washington


Washington D.C is the capital of United State. Simply known as Washington or D.C. The full form of D.C is a District Columbia. The capital is famous for the natural beauty, historical places, latest technology, clean, museums and may others. People are love to visit Washington because it’s famous as a most beautiful capital for its lovely attractive location that make it pleasant place like Friday harbor, leaven worth, port Townsend, Poulsbo, Prosser, Republic etc.. Place of interests here include the White House, National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, National Museum of Natural History, National Zoological Park. Washington is very famous and natural beauty capital.

5. Paris


Paris is the capital of France and famous throughout the worldwide the name of ‘city of light’ of monuments the beautiful monuments give the city outdoor museum. It’s a beautiful city due to blue coast, high mountain, long rivers, museums, historical places, famous Eiffel tower it’s never end to a lot of things that make the Paris outclass and eye-catching. Nowadays it is one of the world’s imperative occupational and social midpoints, and its inspiration in policies, teaching, entertainment, broadcasting, science, style and the sculptures all underwrite to its position as one of the world main cities.

6. Rome


Rome is a beautiful city and capital of Italy, one of the largest with the population of 3.8 million and Rome is oldest city in Europe. Rome is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world for its beauty, loyal people, weather, ancient history, and culture. The legendary Julius Caesar also belonged to Rome. In short, Rome has a great history. The places of interest in the city include the famous Colosseum, Pantheon, Pizza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel. In Rome if anyone wants to get lost in natural beauty must go to Vatican city garden this is most stunning place.

7. Tokyo


Tokyo is the capital of Japan also called Tokyo Metropolis. Tokyo beautiful places are Tokyo tower, Harajuku culture, Senso ji temple, Meiji Shrine, national museum, Tokyo Impriel palace and Skytree that are very famous place its outdoor area known as “adventure Lagoon” have really fun and beautiful park that is open only summer. Apart from being beautiful, Tokyo is a city famous for its night life, shopping, transportation and the trendy fashion scene.

8. Budapest


Budapest is most beautiful capital of Hungary and largest city of Hungary. Budapest population is 1.7 million and visited by many visitors every year from all over the world because of most attractive and stunning city in the world. Budapest is home-based to the HQs of the European Institution of Invention and Skill, and the main distant Workplace of the china Asset Elevation Activity. A total of 18 campuses are located in Budapest, including the leading European University, Ethos Loran University and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Budapest people are very friendly with other atmosphere of this city also very healthy and pleasant.

9. Ottawa


Ottawa is capital of Canada, and the quarter foremost city in the state and located on south bank of the Ottawa River. Ottawa is most beautiful and charming city because it’s so cultured, people are very friendly, historical places and so many other thing attract the visitors. Due to the snowfall, ice-skating is a widespread entertainment and also one of the tourist attractions. The most beautiful places in this city include the Rideau Canal, Canadian War Museum, National Gallery, Major’s Hill Park, Library and Archives. Ottawa is most beautiful and attractive city for the foreigner visitors.

10. Moscow


Moscow has strong recognition all around the world to its culture, politics, economic, strong technology and huge building. Moscow attracts the large number of visitors every year because of natural beauty. buildings specially Saint Basil Cathedral provides the stunning location and attract many visitors. The top must see places in Moscow are: the Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow is most beautiful capital city as well as most expensive city in the world.


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