The Great 5 Inventions of Nikola Tesla

The Great 5 Inventions of Nikola Tesla

The great inventor and electrical engineer  ‘Nikola Tesla’  was born on 10 July, 1856. He is a physicist well known for his great inventions like “Alternating Current” , “Rotating Magnetic Field” and many more. Some of his futuristic and brilliant inventions were wireless power, X Ray experiment, radio communication, robotics, lightning and so on. The listed here are some of the Great and extraordinary 5 inventions which moved the human era towards mechanical and electrical world  from the huge list of  Nikola Tesla’s inventions.

The Great 5 Inventions of Nikola Tesla:

1. Alternating Current

Alternating Current was developed to run an induction motor on 1887.  This self starting machine was designed to electrify the world  with its enormous power such as high voltage transmission even in long distance. Before developing  the AC motor Tesla and Edison worked together for developing the Direct Current (DC) but due to the conflict of opposed ideas, Tesla resigned his job and started developing AC motor which is feasible to transmit current over miles. After the demonstration of AC system by Nikola Tesla in World’s Columbian Exposition held at Chicago, The Westinghouse Corporation licensed the production of AC motor system. In 1895, The First AC Hydroelectric Power Plant was started to generated and distributed the electric power throughout the  North America.

2. Teleautomaton

Teleautomaton  was a ‘Remote Control Boat’  which is controlled  by radio waves. In 1898, the Electrical Exhibition held at Madison Square Garden Tesla demonstrated his remote controlled model boat which was made up of large batteries and radio transmitting control switches. The ‘Great Men of Genius’  Tesla controlled the Teleautomaton by operating the lights and propeller with the help of radio waves. As a combination of Robotics and Radio control technology Tesla invented the first remote control boat  which was not widely used at the beginning but latter after First World War it was emerged into peak. As a result of  ‘Teleautomaton’ the Radio Controlled Tanks were developed in World War II and  Teleautomaton were termed as the ‘Great Grandfather’  for Drones which we are using today.

3. The Induction Motor

The Induction Motor is a AC Electric motor invented by Nikola Tesla. The first two-phased  AC system with 400 watt horsepower  was invented by Tesla in 1887  which  were designed with a generator, a multi phase motor and a transmission system. The major two parts of Nikol’s induction motor were  Stator and Rotor which works with the help of rotating magnetic field. The research and experiment for this  poly-phase system  was held separately by Tesla and Galileo Ferrari but Tesla patents was considered since it was field first. This trend setting invention were still used in every product such as water pumps, mechanical devices, vacuums, power tools, disk drive, electrical wristwatches, even in cars  and so on.


4. The Adams Power Plant Transformer House

The Adams Power Plant Transformer House which is also known as ‘Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station’ is the first Hydroelectric Power Plant started on November 16, 1896. It is the first hydroelectric power plant in the world ever built which was created to power the city of Buffalo, New York. This Power station was built based on the AC power system developed by Nikola Tesla which was demonstrated at  World’s Columbian Exposition held at Chicago. It consist of three generators which can produce 2200 volt per generator. In 1905, one tenth of the United States Electric power has been produced and transmitted by this power station. Until 1961, the original Westinghouse generators were operated to produce electric current.


5. Neon Lamps

Neon Lamps were not invented by Nikola Tesla but the contribution to advancement in Neon lamp by Tesla was noteworthy. Even though the first presentation of Neon Lamp was done by Frenchman Georges in 1910 the demonstration of light sign with the help of Tesla coil and the blended tubes was done by  Tesla in 1893. The patents of  Neon  Lamp was  submitted by  Tesla at World’s  Columbian  Exposition. Tesla developed four different types of lighting by converting black light into visible  light using  phosphorescence  substance from where the technology of neon sign and lamps were emerged. With the help of this  great contribution in lighting and neon signs the advancement in Neon Lamps evolved.








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