Top 10 crazy expensive Apps

Top 10 crazy expensive Apps

Apps have changed the dimension of the mobile phone from simply calling and sending text message to another level. The Snake game in Nokia 6110 phone is the  first mobile app, in the app history. Then in July 2008, Apple debuted its app store with 500 apps in it and from then till now there are  1,252,777 apps  available in the app store. The 90 percent apps in the app store are free of cost. The top 10 foolish expensive app listed here  does nothing and are totally useless and waste of money. Since, these ludicrous  apps were just used to represent the lavishness and act as a status  symbol  for people who are filthy rich. Here comes the list of Top 10 crazy expensive apps.

Top 10 crazy expensive Apps:

1. Abu Moo: $400 – $2,400

Abu  Moo holds the first place in the top 10  useless expensive app list for its net worth of  $2,400. Abu Moo is active in Google play store since 2011. The Abu Moo app consist of  6 different apps  in it, were each one cost $400. The six app  collection of Abu Moo includes Black Diamond, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, Aquamarine and Ruby. In total these app have collected 30 install and 7 rating. The Black Diamond Abu Moo holds the highest install rate compared with other apps in the Abu Moo six app collections.  This app does nothing but adds different picture of gems such as  Black Diamond, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, Aquamarine and Ruby to your phones home screen  after installing it. The Abu Moo app have gained huge popularity for its marketing strategy such as stating “here will be the shinning diamond” instead of adding screenshot of  apps actual look in Google Play Store.

2. CyberTuner: $1,488.99

CyberTuner  holds  second   place in the list of  Top 10 useless expensive app list for its net worth of  $1,488.99.  The CyberTuner  app was developed by  Reyburn Piano Service,Inc. This app has been developed for  three years  which include  one year of  hardy testing by  music expertise. It is available in seven languages such as English, Francois,  Norsk, Nederland, Deutsch, Japanese and Espanola. This app comes with an annual update  subscription around $109 for every year after installing it once.  CyberTuner  is a piano tuning software, since piano’s were considered as one of the most complicated musical instrument. This app deals with the clarity of function, ease of use  through features  such as  aural quality tuning.It also provides  24 hours customer support for the users to tune their piano.

3. iVIP Black: $1,299.99

iVIP Black  holds  third  place in the list of  Top 10 useless expensive app list for its net worth of  $1,299.99. The iVIP apps  comes with the collection of   iVIP  Red, iVIP Blue, iVIP London, iVIP  New York  and the ludicrous  iVIP Black  app. The iVIP Black is commonly recognized as “The Millionaire’s app”. After  installing the iVIP Black app, the user must get passed in the vetting  process by providing the details of their  net worth which should be above  $1,587,100.00. This  iVIP Black  offers luxury lifestyle services and venues for  people who are filthy rich. This app  act as  groupon for complimentary room upgrade, surprise gift, welcome package, private jets, boutiques, even private  islands and so on as VIP treatment  which doesn’t worth for its cost. This  iVIP Black is available in both Apples app store and Google play store.

 4. LogMeIn Ignition: $1,261.99

LogMeIn Ignition  holds  fourth place in the list of  Top 10 useless expensive app list  for  its net worth of  $1,261.99. LogMeIn Ignition was developed by LogMeIn, Inc  company.  Through simple login, the files and medias in the computer or tablet can be accessed through mobile easily with the help of this app. Not only through mobile devices, it allows the user to access through any of the Mac devices. This application is available in both Apples  App store and Google play store. In Google play store this app can be downloaded  at free of cost, but to access the computer  the membership charge of  $250 per year  has to be paid. Even though, it posses some good features  file transfer, document printing  and many more due to its  comparison between the  cost and  boast this app is considered as  ludicrous  one.

 5. I Am Rich: $999.99

I Am Rich  holds  fifth  place in the list of  Top 10 useless expensive app list  for  its net worth of  $999.99. This app was developed by Armin Heinrich. This was the first ludicrous app created and went on sale in August, 2008  in the  Apples Play Store and on the same day Apple removed it from not giving any prior  notice.  Although  in this short time interval eight filthy rich persons  have installed it. This app does nothing worth for its cost but simply shows the red gem icon, by pressing that icon the statement such as “I Am Rich”, “I deserv it”, ” I am good” and “health and successful” will be displayed. In 2009, this app was released on Google Play Store which costed $200 and in  2010 with cost of $499.99 it was released on  Windows. This app gained huge popularity  for its  innovation of  making people fool to afford this stupid app.

 6. app.Cash: $999.99

app.Cash  holds  sixth   place in the list of  Top 10 useless expensive app list  for  its net worth of  $999.99. This app was developed by Armin Terving.  The developer  have also developed another two apps such as  ipsc4iPhone and roc.Kasse TASTE it  at free of cost. The app.Cash app is referred as  Point Of Sale (POS) application.  This app.Cash  app is actually  used for printing receipts in hotels and restaurants but in the Apples App Store, the description of this app is described as  “stylish cashier system for all purposes”. This app is  just useless, Since it only prints the receipt for $999.99. Some other apps with the same features at free of cost is their in the app store, so this app.Cash app is listed in the ludicrous  expensive apps list. This application is available only in  Apples app store for both iPhone and iPad.

 7. QSFFStats: $999.99

QSFFStats   holds  seventh   place in the list of  Top 10 useless expensive app list  for  its net worth of  $999.99. This app was developed by  B.C.Apps and released on  June, 2011. This app is used to track the the football league and other features such as  multiple team list and also it list the game according to various criteria such as time, location, fields and dates. Thus the status of these listed thing is also available in the form of  spreadsheet  through Google Docs. Spending huge cost to this simple thing is considered as stupid one even though it is useful to some  filthy rich soccer lovers .Since, QSFFStatus app is listed in the list of Top 10  ludicrous  expensive apps list. The important note of this app is it supports both iPhone and iPad  but it is no longer  available in the Apples App Store.

8. DDS GP Yes!: $699.99

DDS GP Yes!  holds eighth place in the list of  Top 10 useless expensive app list  for  its net worth of  $699.99. It was developed by Kick Your Apps, Inc.  The 80 minute lesson which consist of 37 audio track in this DDS GP Yes! app was written and narrated by  Dr. Paul Homoly.  The description of the app in the app store  states that,  DDS GP Yes! is designed for dental professionals and useful in conveying  the procedure and desired result of the treatment to their  patients in prior. The 80 minute lesson explains about the conditions and treatment plans to make preferable  decisions regarding the dental health. DDS GP Yes! website states that, this app is used in 13,000 dental clinics. Even though it boasts  feature such as binding the gap between the dentist and patient due its high cost it is listed in the Top 10 ludicrous expensive apps list.

9. The Most Expensive App(s): $400

The Most Expensive App(s)  holds  ninth place in the list of  Top 10 useless expensive app list  for  its net worth of  $400. The Most Expensive App(s) consist of  two apps such as  The Most Expensive App (Danger) and The Most Expensive App ( Im Rich).  These apps act as status symbol  and does nothing worth for its cost. The statements  such as “Hey Rich guy.. what is up?”  will be stated after installing this app. These apps gained fame for its  innovation of  making people fool to afford this stupid app. The Most Expensive App ( Im  Rich) have gained  155  five star ratings in the app store  and  The Most Expensive App (Danger)  have gained one five star rating still now. This app is listed in the list of Top 10  ludicrous  expensive apps list  due to its useless features,  because adding icon to phone screen is not considered as a feature worth for this cost.

10. Super Color Runner: $200

Super Color Runner holds tenth  place in the list of  Top 10 useless expensive app list  for  its net worth of  $200.  This  app has its last update in 2012. Super Color Runner is one of the most expensive android  game. It is designed as a endless running game  where the player must fill up their paths with energy. Only 6 peoples have installed it till now. This app is  available only in Google Play Store. This app doesn’t worth for its cost, since it posses low graphical design and boring playing strategies. Super Color Runner is an unrated app. There are huge number of  games available with more feature at free of cost, So  Super Color Runner is listed in the list of  Top 10 useless expensive app list.







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