Top 10 frightening Robots


Top 10 frightening Robots

Robot is a machine made up with artificial intelligence to assist human especially in dirty and dangerous jobs. Apart from machine robots have evolved as a good companion for human. Robots can be hacked easily and their AI can change their mechanism which can lead the human’s into trouble. Even though, robots have their own merits such as they can employed in  dangerous jobs like handling radioactive or explosive devices due to their high intelligent and enormous power they sounds creepy. These frightening robots looks scary due to it’s human like appearance and their nature of job. Here comes the list of  Top 10 frightening robots.

Top 10 frightening Robots:

1. Robot with the Face of Your Friend

Robot with the Face of Your Friend  is a high-tech robot developed by Will Jackson at Engineered Arts in Penryn, UK. It was first appeared in the market at  2014. This SociBot-Mini  robot with the Face of your friend is a 60 centimeter robot which  boast features such as voice recognition, lip syncing, facial tracking, high quality audio, touch screen interface, IR depth sensor  and so on. It is built with 3D scan technology that implements the transparent plastic face which include eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbone, chin and foreheads with exact curve. It can create facial expression of more than 12 people at a time. These  robot  can  hold conversation of more than  20 language. SociBot-Mini is available in full sized version and  Mini desktop version which can be customized. The Soci-Mini full sized version cost $24,000 and Mini desktop version cost $15,700.

2. Bomb Robot

Bomb Robot have  been used  for over 40 years to safely disable the explosive. The first Boom Disposal Robot was developed by  Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Miller and the very first Boom Disposal Robot were Wheelbarrow. Some of the popular and high equipped  boom disposal robots were Dragon Runner, MarkV-A1, Daksh by DRDO, iRobot  510 Packbot, BDRP and many more. These robots were used by both military and police to dispose boom in emergency and risky situations without risking human’s life into trouble. These robots boast features such as camera for video and image live streaming, gripper, sensor such as chemical, nuclear and biological, and so on. This Boom Disposal Robots can open the doors and climb on stairs by themselves.


3. Cassie

Cassie is a bipedal spring legged robot developed by Agility Robots from the College of  Engineering at Oregon State University. Cassie is a predecessor of  ATRIAS but Cassie is more efficient than ATRIAS.  Cassie has a three degree of freedom hip which can walk like human and move its leg in all direction even it can rotate its leg. Cassie is designed for commercial and military search and rescue task purpose. This humanoid dynamic walker robot will bring enormous change in automobile industry.  Cassie can survive up to 6 to 8 hour on a single charge and it can walk and claim like human anywhere without falling over. Cassie is made up of Carbon fiber and aluminium shells. Cassie comes with the price tag of  $100,00 and going to available in market very soon.

4. Spermatozoid  Medical Microbots

Spermatozoid Medical Microbots were designed to swim through the human body such as blood, liver, stomach or reproductive track and perform medical task inside the body. The design for this microbots were inspired from the bacteria. These microbots were used to assist complicated and accurate surgeries. This microbots were also capable of delivering drugs to specific location in a body.  These microbots were made up of magnetic nano particles which result soft and flexible microbots. Microbots were remotely controlled with the help of electromagnetic field. Some of the existing real medical microbots were Vasteras Giraff, Aethon TUG, Bestic and many more. These microbots are still in research and developing phase only.

5. Affeto the Robot Baby

Affeto the Robot baby was developed by Hisashi Ishihara, Yuichiro Yoshikawa, and Prof. Minoru Asada of  Osaka University. Affeto  is a humanoid robot which is designed as an  one to two year infant is developed to understand the earlier stage of human social development. The freely moving arms, neck an spin of the Affeto is because of its 20 pneumatic actuators and has 12 degree of freedom in its head. Alike human babies this Affeto  is designed with soft body, small hands and rich facial expressions. This robot is designed to enhance the skills of child care professionals. Affeto will response for  gentle touch alike human babies. The face of Affeto is made up of soft urethane elastomer gel and this baby robot weights over six and half pounds.

6. Pregnancy Simulator

Pregnancy Simulator Robot named Victoria was developed in 2015 by Gaumard  Scientific. The Pregnancy Simulator Robot  is a birth training robot used for medical students to improve their skills and avoid medical errors.The Pregnancy Simulator Robot comes with the two child model. This robot is one of the most expensive and advanced robot and the dummy baby robot was named as  Tory. This robot performs the most realistic situation of the pregnant patient on the extremity of delivering a baby.  In total company have produced 300 robots currently. As like a pregnant women this robot use to breath, blink, respond to various situation, talk and even it can bleed and vomit. This robot cost begins with $56,500 which is valuable.

7. Crawling Baby Robot

Crawling Baby Robot is an infant baby robot thwart wrapped, which was  developed by  Scientist from Purdue University in Indiana. The first Victorian-Era crawling baby robot was invented by Robert.J. Clay in 1871. Latter, this Crawling Baby Robots were invented to understand and study on bio-gunk such as dirt, skin cell, bacteria, pollen and fungal spores which is present twenty times  greater in an room. These bio-gunk were inhaled greater than four times by the infants than the adults do. With the help of this robots the immune system of the children can be prevented from allergic disease and asthma. This leg less crawling baby robot  will be useful  for childcare professions and parents  to learn about child’s  hygiene.

8. Underwater Snakes

Underwater Snakes is a self propelled mechanical aquatic snake. These Underwater Snakes were invented by Statoil a natural gas and oil  company and by the Norwegian  organization Kongsberg Maritime. Underwater Snake Robot can swim under water and can stay under water till the task gets over. This flexible underwater snakes were also called as  Eelume robot. These mechanical snakes were designed for inspection and maintenance task under sea such as cleaning, garbing,adjusting valves and chokes, visual inspection and so on. These Underwater Snakes boast features such as cameras, light, sensor, swappable tools and many more. Underwater Snakes were now commonly used in oil rigs to inspect and repair undersea pipelines. These Underwater Snakes cab be shortened or lengthened as required.


9. Sophia

Sophia is a humanoid robot with Artificial Intelligence developed by Hanson Robotics. Sophia is the first social humanoid robot to get the citizenship of any country. This genius machine Sophia alike human it can also think, fell and speak. Sophia’s appearance were inspired from the beloved actress Audrey Hepburn. The major goal of designing Sophia is to help and protect humankind. The Sophia’s software is divided into three forms such as AI, speech-reciting and robotic chat-bot. Sophia’s intelligence has made her as public figure and she have also participated in many events. The major lack of this robot alike human is its emotionless speech and artificial expressions. This robots intelligence, enormous power  and decision making capability sounds creepy.

10. Osaka University’s Female Simulants

Osaka University’s Female Simulants Robot were  designed for receptionist and news reader positions. This female simulants  robot were named as Erica which is a twenty three old humanoid robot. Erica can understand Japanese not only through audio but also with baody language such as blinking, movements of heads and so on.  The robots facial and mouth movements  were natural  because of its Silicon skin. Erica’s  soft and  natural  sounding language alike human made it unique from other humanoid robots. This Osaka University’s Female Simulants Robot Erica were stated as the most beautiful and intelligent android in the world. The major drawback of Erica is she cannot walk and move her arms independently.






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