Top 10 Futuristic Technologies

Top 10 Futuristic Technologies

Technology  have taken human era to the next stage. The technology  have emerged in an unpredictable manner in the past few centuries. Futuristic Technologies  are nothing but advanced technology, which are going to change the dimension of the human life. The futuristic technology has been classified on the basis of the following sectors such as Artificial Intelligent, Global Prosperity, World Government and Missile Shield. These technologies were designed and developed  to assist human’s  in day to day activities, defense purpose and also in various sectors such as agriculture, medicine, transport and many more. The Top 10 Futuristic Technologies listed here were expected in future due to its prodigious factors  but the fact is that these technologies were going to meet the end user soon.

Top 10 Futuristic Technologies:

1. Kitchen assistant by Hello Egg

Kitchen assistant by Hello Egg was developed by  “RnD65”  an  loT  focused  technology  company  in 2016. Hello Egg  kitchen assistant is a lustrous egg shaped gadget with Artificial Intelligent. Hello Egg is an ultimate smart kitchen assistant. The Hello egg is designed with the specification such as 5.5 inch display screen, 19.81 cm height and with 1.38 kg weight. It boasts  with features such as multiple voice activated reminders and timers, music streaming, audio news feeds, weather forecasts, video recipes with step-by-step instruction. To create lively conversation these Hello Egg’s were built-in with mimicking facial expression. Hello Egg  saves the time in kitchen by meal planning  and  organizing  a shopping list according to the diet chart in a smart and flexible way. The Hello Egg support team will be available for 24/7 to assist the complications in Hello Egg. These Hello Egg’s  comes with deluxe and premium versions,  were deluxe will  cost $150 and premium will cost $350.

2. Touch screen by Tanvas

Touch screen by Tanvas  has created a new dimension in the interaction between human and devices. These Touch screen by Tanvas  has been developed with  haptics in order to duplicate the human sense of touch. This technology has been originated by spending more than 10 years of intensive research. It has been showcased at CES in Las Vegas. The demonstration of this technology came with an accordant app where few samples of textile materials  were present which can be sensed by rubbing the screen to feel the texture of the fabric. On the same way, a pair of pant and  a  zip were demonstrated. The Touch Screen by Tanvas will be a great gift  for  visually  impaired persons in using the gadgets. There is no doubt that  this Touch Screen by Tanvas will make a revolution in online shopping, gaming and various other sectors.

3. Pop instaprint camera by Polaroid

Pop instaprint camera  is an instant camera developed  by Polaroid. Pop instaprint camera is designed with digital sensor and  ZINK  Zero  Ink  printer. This Pop instaprint camera by Polaroid  has been showcased at CES in Las Vegas on January, 2017. Pop instaprint camera is a perfect blend of reminiscence and modern design. Pop instaprint camera boasts features such as  3.5 x 4.25 inches  photos with a faux  Polaroid style border, 20 MP  CMOS sensor, dual  LED  flash, Micro SD storage up to 128 GB, 1080 p  full HD video recording capability, fast connection with mobile and other devices, some filter effects and quick photo printing. The clunky design, full color, high quality, long lasting, smudge proof  photos  of this Pop intaprint camera by Polaroid made it unique.

4. Moxi stroller and phone charger by 4moms

Moxi stroller and phone charger  from 4moms  is a super stroller designed with technical intelligence. Moxi stroller and phone charger by 4moms has been showcased at CES, 2017. The Moxi stroller boast features such as phone charger, fitness tracker, powering headlights and taillights and much more. This Moxi stroller is adaptable for both infant and children up to 25 kg and spacious for caring keys, phones, diaper bag and much more. Moxi stroller is adjustable to various heights and it also protect the baby from harmful UV rays. The energy for this stroller to produce electricity is gained from the stroller’s rear wheel. Connecting app and the stroller is one of the unique feature in the Moxi stroller. This stroller is designed with the LCD screen to keep track the distance walked, calories burnt and so on.

5. U connected shower system by Moen

U connected shower system by Moen is a well designed smart shower. The U connected shower system by Moen  has been showcased at CES in Las Vegas on January, 2017. U connected shower system boast some important features such as  waterproof digital valve, LCD wall unit with Wi-Fi  facility, smart app, versatile controls which include 12 different preset for pressure, temperature and greeting message and many more. The major utility present in this U connected shower system by Moen includes precise temperature control and shower feedback in which the total water and electricity consumed during the shower will be listed. U connected shower system is not only the smart technology but also the responsive technology, which can be used to save water. This cool and smart U connected shower system with four outlet version cost $2,200 and two outlet version cost $1,160.


6. The Core by Norton

The Core by Norton  is a high  performance  app enabled  Wi-Fi  router. The Core by Norton has been showcased at CES in Las Vegas on January, 2017. The Core by Norton is a unique mathematical dome shaped modern router. This Core by Norton boast features such as dual core 1.7 GHz processor, 4 GB flash memory, 1 GB  system memory and many more. The Core by Norton supports Wi-Fi  with top speed of 1.73 mbps on 5 GHz bandwidth and 800 mbps on 2.4 GHz bandwidth. The Core by Norton not only protects computer or laptop in the home from malware or virus but also other internet-of-things  in home. The team of security experts by Norton core updates the router regularly on protection mechanism to keep the device safe and secure. Setting the bed time and pausing the internet is one of the unique feature in this router.

7. 360 smart bed by Sleep Number

360 smart bed by Sleep Number is a sophisticated  smart bed. The 360 smart bed by  Sleep Number has been showcased at CES in Las Vegas on January, 2017 and awarded as the “Best of Innovation”  honoree. This 360 smart bed by Sleep Number is a smart and comfortable mattresses boast features such as automatic adjustment, foot warmer which help to induce faster sleep, detecting and adjusting bed according to snoring symptoms, smart alarm and many more. The SleepIQ app for both android and iPhone allows the user to enhance the features of the mattresses and the sensor in the bed collects the data about the sleeping quality. The 360 smart bed by Sleep Number’s  innovative temperature balancing fabric added uniqueness to this smart bed. The king sized mattresses cost  $4,000 and varies according to the size.

8. Smart bikes by LeEco

Smart bikes by LeEco is a high-tech smart bike. The Smart Bikes offered by LeEco is of two types  Smart Road Bike and Smart Mountain Bike. This Smart Bikes boast features such as 4 inch touchscreen display with Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, compass, speedometer, barometer, rechargeable 6000 mAh lithium-ion battery, GPS, dual beam LED headlight and many more. The uniqueness of this Smart bikes is their automatic lighting handlebars, horns and security alarm. The Smart Bikes by LeEco is made up of Toray  T700 carbon fiber. These bikes where enhanced with walkie-talkie technology for communication between two riders and  LeEco bike app for  to keep rack the rides and fitness. Smart bikes by LeEco is not only high-tech but also stunning for its unique and cool design.

9. Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Spectacles by Snap Inc. is a  stylish high-tech sunglasses with builtin cameras. Spectacles by Sanp Inc.  is  a physical product launched by  the popular Sanpchat app’s company. This Spectacles were designed with the tiny built-in camera to record videos up to 30 seconds at a time and up to 10 seconds at every tap. It records both videos  as well as  pictures. The recorded pictures and videos are transformed to android and iPhone’s through the  Sanpchat app. This Spectacles by Snap Inc. comes in three color such as black, coral and teal. The funky light ringing animation while recording, the two snapchat yellow circles outlining the camera enhanced the style and design  of this Spectacles. The 115 degree lens changed the dimension of video from vertical to horizontal mode.

10. PowerRay underwater drone by PowerVision

PowerRay underwater drone is an innovative technology by PowerVision to explore the underwater world. This PowerRay underwater drone is specially designed for fish finders  which boast features such as camera with 100 degree wide angle lens, two lights at 450 lumens, dives up to 98 feet, tracks fish up to 131 feet and many more. PowerRay is capable of shooting 4000 images at 25 fps and 1080p video at 60 fps. It sails with the maximum speed of 1.5 meter per second with 4 hour battery life. The PowerRay can drone, float or swim in the submarine of both freshwater ans saltwater. The PowerRay underwater drone can be connected to the android or iOS app through Wi-Fi  to view the landscape, fish location and water location under submarines.




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