Top 10 Strangest and Largest Machines

Top 10 Strangest and Largest Machines

Machines are nothing but a device which is invented to do the human works  with more accuracy and speed. In this Modern human era the human labours have been replaced partially or completely by machines. The power of the device is determined with its appearance and  working skills. In this electrical world the gadgets are getting smaller and the machines are getting too larger. The listed here are the largest and strangest machines in the earth that depicts the monsters on air, land and water due to its size. These complex machines have been built with endeavour and prowess. Here comes the list of Top 10 Strangest and Largest Machines ever built by human in the world.

Top 10 Strangest and Largest Machines:

1. World’s Largest Dump Truck

The truck which is well equipped for transporting the materials for construction work is known as Dump Truck.  The  Dump truck “Belaz  75710” is the World’s Largest Dump Truck developed by engineers of  Belarusian Company for Russian Mining Company to transport mined rock under different climatic conditions. The Belaz  75710  which can carry up to 496 tons and weights of 360 tons is the largest Dump Truck ever built by human. These Largest Dump Truck is  over  20.6 meter  length, 8.16 meter height and 9.87 meter width and shod with 8 super sized Michelin treys. This 67 foot truck has engine with 4600 horsepower which boast 64 kmph top speed and 20 meter turning radius. The total cost of this largest dump truck ‘Belaz 75710’ is estimated over $6 million.

2. World’s Largest Aircraft

 The Strategic airlift cargo aircraft  “Antonov An-225 Mriya” is the Largest Aircraft in the world. These aircraft was designed by Antonov Design Bureau during 1980’s and after 8 years the complete and successfully developed aircraft was launched in 1998.  The heaviest aircraft ‘Antonov An-225 Mriya’ was powered with six turbofan engines with 43.32 meter length, 4.4 meter height and 6.4 meter width. This 32 wheeled aircraft boast 458 knots as lower maximum cruise speed and 2160 nautical miles short range. The unique feature of this largest aircraft is its 88.4 meter wingspan. The maximum takeoff weight of Antonov An-225 Mriya is 640 metric tonnes. The Antonov An-225 Mriya has broken many world records including Guinness World Records.

3. Biggest Remote Control Robot in the World

The walking “Radio controlled Dragon Robot”  is the Biggest Remote Control Robot in the World. This  walking four legged robot was unleashed by a German electronic maker ‘Zollner Elektronic AG’. These Robot boast features such as dual TI processor, a Fujitsu microcontroller, 238 sensor and some unique design such as the spitting fire and theatre blood. This 27 foot tall robot named as “Fanny” is powered with 140 horsepower due to 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine. This fire breathing dragon weighs 11 tons with 21 gallon stage blood and  24 pounds liquid gas. This 15.69 meter length, 12.31 meter width and 8.17 meter height robot holds Guinness World Record for the world’s largest robot.


4. World’s Largest Motorcycle

The extremely big “Regio Design XXL Chopper” is the World’s Largest Functioning Motorcycle which was designed by Fabio Reggiani. This 9.75 meter length and 4.87 meter height  Big Bike was introduced in Motorbike Expo, 2012. The overall weight of this big bad guy is 5.5 tons with maximum power of 280 Horsepower produced by 5.7 liter V8 Chevrolet engine. The design team by Fabio Reggiani took seven month of  intensive hard work to meet the final product.  The funky orange color body design made it unique and attracting. After the 100 meter successful test drive ‘Guinness World Record’ has declared this big bad guy as the ‘World’s Largest functioning Motorcycle’.

5. The Largest Ship in the World

The world’s second largest floating liquefied natural gas platform “Prelude FLNG” is the Largest Ship in the World designed and built by Technip / Samsung Consortium (TCS)  which was launched in December, 2013. This 12.6 billion dollar floating vessel were constructed with almost 260,000 tones of  steel. This high-tech offshore floating ship has been constructed with 488 meter length, 74 meter width and with 105 meter height. The Prelude FLNG is empowered with the capacity to withstand in category 5 cyclone and it also has the carrying capacity of  600,000 tones. This ship boast features such as gas receiving and processing facility, control rooms, accommodation and storage facility, equipped to treat gas and many more.


6. The World’s Largest Vending Machine

The automated machine that provides capsule in Berjaya Times Square named Berjaya Times Square Vending Machine is the World’s Largest Vending Machine which is manufactured to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the shopping mall. This largest Vending machine was located in Malaysia which took over 6 month and 7 weeks for manufacture and planning  can hold up to 125000 plastic capsules at a time. This Berjaya Times Square Largest Vending machine is designed with the carrying capacity of 26900 liters which posses the total weight of  3.5 tons. This machine boast features such as 9.8 meter height and  4.7 meter width. This Berjaya Times Square Vending Machine claimed its award for “Largest Vending Machine” by Guinness Book of World Records in 2013.


7. A Giant Mechanical Spider

A Giant Mechanical Spider that was named La Princesse was designed and developed by La Machine a French Performance art company. This £1.8 million dollar cost giant mechanical spider La Princesse has 50 axes movements and have the total weight of 37 tones. This 50 feet height giant spider need 12 peoples to operate its movements and boast features such as 7 different special effects like rain, smoke, flame, light, sound, wind and snow. This mechanical giant spider took over 8 eight years for construction and manufactured with popular wood, steel and complex hydraulics.  When this spider was showcased in Liverpool for 2008 European Capital of Cultural Celebration it took 16 cranes, 8 cherry pickers, 6 forklift  trucks and 250 crew to travel around the city in the speed of 2 mph.


8. World’s Largest Tunneling Machine

The tuning machine named “Bertha” is the World’s  Largest Tuning Machine was designed and developed by Hitachi Zosen Sakai Works in Japan for WSDOT’s project in Seattle. The machine was named after  Seattle’s first woman mayor, Bertha Knight Landes by panel. This $80 million machine boast feature such as 99 meter length and  17.5 meter diameter. This 6700 tons tuning machine has designed with special background melody playing device inside the machine for workers. The project Seattle was started in July, 2013 and due to the damage of cutter-head on December, 2013 the machine stopped its work for two years. After 2 years the machine was restarted in December, 2015  and successfully completed its job on April, 2017 leaving a 1.7 mile tunnel behind it.

9. The Giant Bucket Wheel Excavator

The mining equipment “Bagger 293”  previously known as  “MAN TAKRAF RB291”  is the Giant Bucket Wheel Excavator designed and developed by TAKRAF a German Industrial Company in 1995  to excavate coal from ground. The Giant Bucket Wheel Excavator ‘Bagger 293’ boast feature such as  96 meter height, 255 meter length and  14200 tones  weight. This $42964140 cost bucket wheel excavator has the capacity to hold over 15 cubic meters of material and with the help of 5 operates it can move 218880 tonnes of soil in a day. The Bagger 293 is powered by 16.56 megawatts by external power source. The long 70 foot rotating wheel with 18 buckets made this Bagger 293 to claim “The largest land vehicle”  award from Guinness Book of World Records.


10. The Large Hadron  Collider

The powerful  particle accelerator “Large Hadron Collider” is the World’s Largest Particle Accelerator built by  European Organization for Nuclear Research.  The Large Hadron Collider  was manufactured successfully as the result of  intensive hard work  over 10000 scientist and engineers from various countries. In September, 2008 the first start up of this machine took place. The LHC which consist of 27 km circumference tunnel is buried under the ground near  Geneva, Switzerland to study the structure of tinniest compound such as nucleus. The LHC boast feature such as 1232 dipole magnets of 15 meter length, 392 quadruple magnet each of 5 to 7 meter length and 27 km ring of super conducting magnet.








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