Five Expensive Chocolates

Five Expensive Chocolates

Chocolate is a coco based product which is popular and  favorite food for every human. It’s tempting and adorable taste were the reasons to love this sweet treat. The chocolates were adapted and modified over time by humans to produce the delicious coco based treat. Apart from its tempting taste it gives pleasure to human mind while eating it, which is termed as the health benefit of eating chocolate. As a result of  fame and demand for variety of chocolates among people  the expensive chocolates made up of edible gold and  expensive quality products were created. These expensive chocolates were famous for its high quality unique crafts. Here comes the list of Five Expensive Chocolates in the world.

Five Expensive Chocolates:

1. Le Chocolate Box by Simon Jewelers

Le Chocolate Box by Simon Jewelers is the expensive chocolate collection box made from Le Maison Du Chocolate factory. Robert Linxe  founded this factory in the year 1955 and in 1990 it launched its famous product “chocolate eclair”. Simon Jewelers innovative concept of chocolate box designed with the Jewell’s made it expensive and elegant. This $1.5 million  chocolate box include  delicious tempting chocolates with diamond, sapphires and gold jewels made it attractive and expensive. Le Chocolate Box were sold in shops that present in the major cities including London, Tokyo, Cannes and Hong Kong. The beneficial offer provided by this expensive chocolate makers were the  jewels and pieces of chocolates were designed and distributed according to the buyers need.

2. Frozen Haute Chocolate

Frozen Haute Chocolate  is a chocolate desert made up of  milk, coco and 24 karat gold. The staffs of  Serendipity 3 eatery made this delicious and expensive desert which cost $25,00. Apart from the combination of 28 best coco and edible gold this chocolate boast another luxurious feature such as the plate, goblet and spoon that serves the chocolate was made up of gold and diamonds. This tempting and expensive chocolate claimed the award of  “The World’s  Most  Expensive  Desert”  by  Guinness World record. The ‘La Madeleine Au Turffe’  that tops this chocolate was made up of edible gold.  This expensive and  delicious desert is an excellent treat for chocolate lovers.

3. Swarovski Studded Chocolate

Swarovski Studded Chocolate was manufactured by Lebanese Chocolatiers and Harrods. These handmade chocolates were tempting and exotic apart from it’s richness. The box made up of  hand woven silk from India and China were used  for packing the chocolates. The $10,000 cost chocolates were wrapped with gold, Swarovski crystals and gold rose which made this chocolate so expensive. The suede leather partition designed with gold and platinum were another enhancing factor for this expensive chocolate. The premium pack of Swarovski Studded Chocolates contain 49 piece of tempting chocolates in it. The chocolate made of edible gold and diamond crystal with exclusive tempting taste claimed the award from Academy of Chocolates as “Best Chocolates in the World”.

4. Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate

Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate is an expensive chocolate bar wrapped by edible gold was manufactured by the popular chocolate company Cadbury. As a result of  22,000 people’s  hard work the expensive and delicious chocolate  bar was designed and developed successfully under the group “Bring Back Cadbury’s Wispa Gold”. Within eighteen weeks 14 million chocolates were sold because of it’s tempting and delicious taste. Apart from gold wrapper this expensive chocolate was coated with edible gold to enhance its richness and taste. The celebrities Tony Hadley and Spandau Ballet delivered the special edition of this chocolate in  London’s Selfridges departmental store and displayed it for one week with high protection.



5. La Madeline au Truffe

La Madeline au Truffe is the most expensive chocolate turffe in the world manufactured and designed by Knipschildt Chocolatiers. La Madeline au Truffe is an handcrafted chocolate with French black truffle surrounded by delicious substance made up of coco, cream and dark chocolate. The secret of this delicious tempting chocolate lies in the sugar, heavy cream and turffle oil that creates the chocolate layers. La Madeline au Truffe  comes with the price tag of  $250 for each 54 grams of chocolate. The silver box with bed of sugar pearls were the enhancing factors of this rich luxurious chocolate. La Madeline au Truffe  is an excellent handcrafted sweet treasure for the chocoholic lovers.









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