Top5 beer brands in the world

Top5 beer brands in the world

Beer is the most loved beverage of the world. There cant be a person who says that they don’t like beer  unless they have actually tasted it before. Apart from heady time beer consumption, a proper beer consumption will protect against heart disease and lower the risk of hypertension. Beer have always been an important part of our culture especially pop culture.Beer is considered the most consumed drink after water and tea. Beer is obtained by the fermentation of starches commonly it is malted barley. It is one of the softest alcoholic drinks and is also an inseparable part of cultures around the world. Here comes the list of  Top5 beer brands in the world.

Top5 beer brands in the world:

1.Bud Light

Bud Light was the flagship beer brand of Anheuser-Busch beer making company. This beer brand has variant types Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Apple, Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas and Bud Light Platinum, all of which are loved in almost equal measure by beer drinkers. Bud LIght beer as  137 calories/ounce, Bud Light Platinum is slightly sweeter and higher in alcohol content hence its popularity as compared to the other Bud Light Beers.


Budweiser beer has 5.0% alcohol content and this product is a filtered beer that is offered to the market in packaged and draught forms. Budweiser beer is good Quality beer with well designed and attractive bottles.Arguably the best known beer brand in the anglosphere, Budweiser is a classic American lager which is known for its amber color and and refreshing taste.It was introduced into the US in the mid-1800’s, by Anheuser Busch after the brewery’s founders observed the lager-making techniques that were popular in Europe.It has since spread to more than 80 markets worldwide.


Heineken  is a pale lager beer that’s produced by Heineken-International-the Dutch  brewing company.  Heineken beer   has  5%   alcohol  content  by  volume  and is  a  popular  product  due  to  its  signature  red  star  and  green bottle.  This beer brand bottles has attractive and well designed green bottle.  Heineken N.V operates at least 160 breweries in at least 70 countries, where on top of Heineken at least 250 other brands are being produced.


Brahma was originally manufactured by Companhia Cervejaria Brahma, the fifth largest beer manufacturing company in the world. This beer brand bottle is brown color with colorful beer. Brahma beer varieties include Brahma pale lager beer that has 4.3% alcohol content, Brahma Light, Brahma Ice that’s sold in Domitian Republic & Venezuela and Brahma Bier that was specially launched during the 2006 FIFA World Cup edition in Brazil.


Skol was created  by a combination of British, Canadian, Swedish, and Belgium breweries in 1964, with the aim of making it a global beer brand and it has truly managed to wear those shoes. This beer brand is currently the most popular beer in Brazil. Skol beer brand has  stylish look with well designed bottle.The beer is marketed in Rwanda, Madagascar, DRC, Angola, Guinea and Burundi.The pilsner’s strength varies around the world, but often retails at 2.8% .


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