How to download Call of duty for Android mobiles

How to download Call of duty for Android mobiles

Call Of Duty For Android Mobile

Call of duty game is now available on android mobiles and iOS users. Call of Duty Mobile is the latest title under Tencent’s umbrella and has been introduced as a new game that offers the thrills of the PC versions of the game while also dipping its foot in the viral battle royale mode. The graphics are great and the gameplay does offer a variety of options. While it’s too early to say, it seems that Call of Duty Mobile could be the next big thing in the world of mobile games.

How to download Call of duty for Android and iOS

If you are using an Android phone, Call of Duty Mobile will be available on the PlayStore for registering for the closed beta program.

Search for the game in the Google PlayStore and hit the “Pre-register” button. Once you do that, PlayStore will automatically notify you of the game’s availability when the closed beta accepts your request.

However, if you are impatient and cannot wait longer, then there’s an unofficial way to get the game on your phone immediately. There are two drawbacks to this – firstly, the security of your phone could be compromised and, secondly, it’s only available for Android users.

Get on Google and search for Call of Duty Mobile APK. You will find links form popular APK depositories that are hosting the file. Make sure that you get the APK file scanned by an anti-malware app on your phone.

To download the game data, which is called the OBB file, you will need to search it on Google. Many app depositories are hosting the OBB file and once you download that, you will have to paste the file in Android>obb. Once you are done, start the game and it will set itself up.

Once again, we remind you that this may not be very safe and you would require a Wi-Fi connection in order to download it.



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