10 Best Foods and Nutrients to Eat for Beautiful Skin

10 Best Foods and Nutrients to Eat for Beautiful Skin

Why healthy skin is important?

Your skin play a such an important role in protecting your body. The skin is actually largest organ by size on our body. This will help you keep from getting sick or having damage to your bones, muscles, and internal organs. The different type of skins oily, dry, combination, normal. Skin is much more than outer surface for the world to see. Skin is protects you from bacteria. In this article we will see 10 Best Foods and Nutrients to eat for Beautiful Skin.


Drink water! Moist skin helps fine lines and wrinkles look less visible. Try to drink eight glass of water daily and get healthy and glowing skin. Water helps delay the appearance of signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. Water is perfect replacement for your explosive anti-ageing treatments. It keeps the skin well hydrated and glistening thereby, and enhancing the complexion. water increase the metabolic rate and improves digestive system to flush out toxins from the body. A nice cold shower and a relaxing bath calm the nerves and reduce the stress related damage to the skin. Cold water bath eliminates redness of the skin and sets the skin for better makeup application. Cold water tightness the pores and prevents them from getting clogged. It reduce the appearance of acne.


Blueberries are delicious and small fruit. They help in keeping your skin healthy by protecting them from damage. They help in protecting your body from your various diseases. Blueberries are considered to be an extremely effective option for treating the problem of acne. Prepare a face pack by mixing together a few mashed blueberries, some turmeric powder and 3 drops of lime juice. Blueberries are considered to be extremely beneficial for toning your skin. Including blueberries in your diet will help in rejuvenating your skin and will give you a glowing look. Blueberries help in exfoliating the skin by removing dead skin cells. A blueberry scrub will make sure that you look youthful and glowing. Scrub your face with this to get a glowing look. They protect your skin from getting damaged by free radicals, which are the main cause of ageing of the skin, thus keeping your skin healthy and youthful.


Antioxidants are extremely beneficial for your skin as it helps in eliminating bacteria from your body and it also helps in protecting your body from being damaged by free radicals. There are a number of fruits and vegetables, which contain high amounts of antioxidants. These foods help in keeping your body and keep your healthy skin. Spinach is a leafy vegetable, which contains high amounts of antioxidants, which extremely beneficial for protecting your skin. Sweet potatoes are an extremely yummy option of foods, which contain high amounts of antioxidants. Sweet potatoes are extremely healthy for skin and body. Cherries contain high amounts of antioxidants, which help in keeping your body healthy. This fruit also helps in keeping your skin healthy by preventing wrinkles and ageing. Banana are the best option of foods, which are rich in antioxidants. Besides being beneficial for your health, this fruit also works wonders for your skin.


Strawberries are a wonderful fruit which is very good in taste. strawberries is consumed by the people in large amount. People are mostly aware of its health benefits but do not know its benefits on skin. Strawberry is the best fruit for skin as it contains skin lightening properties which help in removing freckles and age spots from the skin. The presence of vitamin C in strawberries is found to be very good for the skin as it makes the body glow and helps to repair and grow the tissue. It will make the skin soft and remove the allergies and other irritants from the skin. It helps in removing wrinkles and some other disorders of the skin and makes it younger looking. Strawberries are best for treating acne as it contains alpha-hydroxy acid, flavonoids and some other nutrients which help in removing oil and clearing acne.


Sweet potatoes are a great food crop and have brownish skin. Sweet potatoes are the world’s healthiest food and delicious to eat. Sweet potatoes may help to improve elasticity of the skin through their rich source of vitamin C, as this vitamin helps to produce collagen that can help to maintain the skin’s elasticity. The rich source of beta-carotene in sweet potatoes may have the potential to provide antioxidant health benefits for the skin. Beta-carotene may also help to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun , while also repairing damaged cells exposed to excessive UV. The rich source of vitamins in Sweet potatoes, including vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin A, may help to improve the skin’s complexion.


Tomatoes are not just an important part of healthy diet  but also work wonders when applied topically on the skin. The synthesis of collagen vitamin C is essential this protein prevent skin damage caused by the sun, pollution and smoke, wrinkles and improve over all skin texture. Tomatoes provides an healthy and amazing natural skin treatment that can make the skin look younger and healthy with less effort.


Apple is a miraculous fruit for your skin. It is packed with skin lightening vitamins that leave skin naturally fairer and glowing. Apple are the best treatment for skin care as it contains elastin which is useful to get youthful skin and also to protect you from harmful UV rays of the sun and keep your skin healthy. Apple is also helpful to prevent tissue damage, to remove pimples and to prevent aging and wrinkles. Apple are very useful to cure acne troubled skin and thus bring out clear and glowing skin. Eating 1-2 apples a day will help you to get red cheeks and extremely shiny, glowing skin and to prevent skin cancer. It helps to maintain great whitening effects and nourishment on your skin complexion. Another useful way is to an apple daily to prevent dark circles, which will keep your eyes refreshed.


Kiwi is a well known green colored fruit. Kiwi is a fruit which is rich in essential vitamins and numerous minerals and flavonoids which help to promote health. The consumption of kiwi is a great way to have healthy and glowing skin as it contains vitamins and various beneficial nutrients which contribute to the glow on skin. Kiwi helps to slow down the ageing process and make the skin firm because it contains protein and brings natural elasticity of the skin and prevents dry skin. Kiwi is also rich in vitamin E which helps to reduce fine lines and appearance of wrinkles. The flesh of 2-3 kiwi fruits applied on the skin helps to remove black spots from the face and also helps to prevent skin cancer. It also helps to fight pimples and marks. Drink fresh kiwi juice to get a gorgeous skin.


Lemon juice can lighten the age spots and discoloration caused by scars. To remove discoloration on multiple areas of your body, take warm bath after adding half cup lemon juice. Soak yourself for 15 minutes, then rinse with fresh water to avoid excessive drying of the skin. The natural anti-bacterial properties of lemon juice can cure acne and also prevent further breakouts. Antioxidant L-ascorbic acid in lemon juice will kill bacteria and clear acne. Lemon juice contains citric acid which when applied to the skin helps to remove the top layer of the dead skin cell by working as natural exfoliate. Why put loads of chemicals on your skin from expensive skin lightening creams when you can easily brighten your skin tone using lemon juice. If your skin is too dry, prepare a face pack using equal quantities of lemon juice. honey and olive oil to moisturize your skin. you will be amazed to find soft glowing skin.


Banana is bets fruit for your skin. The vitamin C and vitamin B6 in bananas may help to maintain the skin’s elasticity, thereby preventing the signs of early aging. antioxidants and manganese properties  by protecting against the damage caused by free radicals. The vitamin A content in bananas may help to repair dry skin, while also restoring moisture to the skin that may be lost. Using the peel of the banana to scrub the skin may help to provide for the removal of dirt and exfoliation, potentially helping the skin to look soft and smooth. The minerals and vitamins in the banana help to face free from the wrinkles and age spots.


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