Varieties of Hair colours(Haircuts,styles)

Varieties of Hair colours(Haircuts,styles)

            Each year, many new hair trends come and go but these trends are here to stay throughout the year and can be used in every occasion possible.

Hair colours:

Inky Jet-black: 

This hair colour adds an element of intrigue to your look and makes your facial features stand out.

Caramel Highlights:

If you have dark hair and a warm skin tone, caramel highlights will blend well. This look works well for people of all ages.

High-contrast roots:

High-contrast roots bring a lot of attention to the hair since there are two shades that do not blend in. With a lot of celebrities taking to it, high-contrast roots have become the latest hair trend.


Modern bob:

This works well for straight hair-have longer length around the face and shorter at the back.

Shoulder-length hair: 

Choppy shoulder-length works best for straight hair while curly hair looks amazing with texture and highlights.

Eye-length Fringe:

This cut is ideal for everyone since it can be styled straight across or side-swept based on the face shape.

Hair styles:

Twisted Updo:

Tie a ponytail above the nape of your neck and then start twisting it from the middle until you cannot twist it any more. Secure the ends of your hair with bobby pins.

Messy braids:

Once you create a braid, loosen it up a little and take out a few strays from the braid. Set your hair using a hairspray.

Razor Sharp Center Part:

If you have a pin-straight hair, create a sharp centre part and then smooth out the parting with hairspray.


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