10 Most Beautiful Lakes In India

10 Most Beautiful Lakes In India

India has large number of Beautiful lakes and great spread all over the country from Kashmir to Kerala and from Rajasthan to Assam. Lakes in India can be divide as man made as well as natural. The country is blessed with a large number of lakes in its vicinity, the calmness of the freshwater is what we need to observe and feel. Most of the lakes in India are fresh water lakes. It is at these lakes that you can escape away on a weekend or for a short-term vacation. We present you the list of best lakes in India from the mountains of Kashmir to the coast of Kerala.

Wular lake – Kashmir

Wular lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia and the largest in India, is located in jammu and kashmir. The green water of the lake attract the tons of the tourists from all over the world. The wular lake is the largest in the country, with its 24 kilometres of astounding length. The beauty of wular lake is further enhanced by the snowy peaks that surround the water of lake from all sides. wualr is also a home to a variety of fishes and rich species of birds and wildlife.

Loktak Lake – Manipur

Loktak lake is the largest freshwater lake in northeastern India. Located in Manipur. The largest floating island covers an area of 40 square km. and constitutes the world’s largest floating park, Keibul Lamjao National Park. It serves as a source of water for hydro power generation, irrigation drinking water supply and wildlife. The lake is a symbol of harmony for the locals, Loktak Lake receives a decent number of tourists throughout the year. Loktak lake also has India’s first floating Elementary School.

Damdama Lake – Haryana

Damdama lake is one of the biggest natural lakes in Haryana. Located near the Aravalli Hills and the best for boating, Rock Climbing, Bungee Jumping and trekking. The lake is governed by the Haryana Tourism in the state.

Dal Lake – Kashmir

The Kashmir valley is blessed with exotic natural beauty of landscape and water bodies, out of them one of the best is Dal Lake. This is one of the famous lake in India and an icon of the Kashmir tourism industry. Dal lake is a Switzerland of India is an integral to tourism and recreation in Kashmir and is named the “Jewel in the crown of Kashmir”. The climate seems very pleasant during may to November but during winters the place is extremely cold. The Dal lake is situated  in the beautiful city of Srinagar, some of the most famous mosques are also located in Srinagar city to visit.

Pichola Lake – Udaipur

Lake Pichola is an artificial fresh water lake situated in Udaipur city Rajasthan. The picturesque view is unmatched, the lake promotes tourism in the region. The Lake Pichola, Udai Sagar Lake, Rajsamand Lake and Jaisamand Lake are the fiver prominent Lakes of Udaipur. One of the most famous lake is Pushkar Lake, which is one of the major tourist attractions in the Royal State Rajasthan.

Gurudongmar Lake – Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. This fresh-water lake is located northeast of the Kangchenjunga range in Sikkim. The lake also holds some scared value. The interesting thing about this lake is that it freezes in the winter except for one spot which devotees believe has been especially blessed. There are a series of beautiful lakes in Sikkim the Gurudongmar Lake is the biggest and most beautiful lake among them.

Chilka Lake – Odisha

Chilka lake is the brackish water lake and is the largest coastal lake in India. The Chilka Lake in situated in Orissa and is Asia’s largest inland salt-water lagoon. Chilka lake is the paradise for migratory birds which are also the main attraction of this place. The Chilka Lake is of immense importance for the state of Orrisa as the tribal state has not much tourist spot. The huge population of greatest Flamingo, Pelican and Brahmani duck can be seen at Chilka Lake.

Vembanad Lake – Kerala

Vembanad Lake is is India’s longest lake and is the largest lakes in the beautiful state land of God, Kerala. It is first and foremost green algae rich lake of India. The houseboats and snake race are the major attraction on Vembanad Lake. Vallam Kali, The snake Boat Race held every year in august is a major attraction of Vembanad Lake. There is a bird sanctuary nearby this lake so you can witness various birds chirping around. Best time visit on November to March is considered to be the best time due to various migratory birds flocking to it.

Bhimtal Lake – Uttarakhand

The pride of Bhimtal is beautiful lake which offers magnificent vistas for tourists. The Lake is larger than Nainital lake, The island at the center of the lake. One of the best natural freshwater bodies in Nainital Lake, Situated amidst the township surrounded by the mountains. The Bhimtal lake promotes migration of birds extensively in the region and offers a gaudy view of the valley and surrounding areas.

Upper Lake – Madhya Pradesh

Upper lake is the largest artificial lake in Asia, Situated in “City of Lakes” called Bhopal, Madhya pradesh. The Upper Lake has developed by the Madhya Pradesh tourism board, the motive was to preserve the pride and title of the Madhya pradesh. There are around 17 other major lakes in the state. The Takia island in Upper Lake and marine drive are the major attraction of lakes. Bhopal is also considered as one of the green city in India.


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