Best Of Five Longest Novels

Best Of Five Longest Novels

Novels are nothing but a long narrative fiction in the form of prose which is published as books. The first novel with standard length was “The Tale of Genji” which was written in eleventh century. Benefits that a person can gain from reading novels and books were enormous which include in both mental and knowledge wise. The longest novels were determined based on the character and space count.The listed here are some of the longest novel from different languages in the world which comes under the list of  Top 10 novels. Here comes the list of Five Longest Novel.

Best Of Five Longest Novels:

1. Artamène ou le Grand Cyrus

Artamene ou le Grand Cyrus is a 17th century French novel written by Georges de Scudery and Madeleine de Scudery. It is a romantic novel with  2.1 million word count and 13,095 pages. Artamene ou le grand Cyrus was originally published by Augustin Courbe with large 10 volumes. Artamene ou le grand Cyrus is translated into English as  “Artemenes, or the Grand Cyrue” by  F.G.,Gent. The theme of this longest novel comes with necessary flashback which describe about the two characters Cyrus and Mandana with non-linear narrating. Cyaxares, Mazare, Tomyris were some of the other important characters involved in this novel. This longest novel is available is now available in online also.


2. À la recherche du temps perdu

A la recherche du temps perdu is a popular French novel with the 1,267,069 word count written by Marcel Proust. The Guniesses World Record Book has awarded this book for its large 9,609,000 character count. This modern novel comes with 3031 pages and seven volumes such as Swann’s Way, In the Shadow of  Young Girls in Flower, The Guermantes Way, Sodom and Gomorrah, The Prisoner, The Fugitive and Time Regained. A la recherche du temps perdu has been translated into English as “Remembrance of Things Past” by C.K.Swtt Moncricff and Terence Kilmartin which gained huge fame and as “In Search of Lost Time” by D.J.Enright. The theme of this story narrates about the narrator’s (Proust) allegorical search towards truth from his childhood to adulthood.


3. Zettels Traum

Zettels Traum is a popular German novel  with  1,100,000 estimated word count written by Arno Schmidt. The unique feature of this longest novel is that it has been published as a ‘single volume’ and divided into eight books which consist of 6,800,000 characters. This huge lengthy novel was translated into English by John.E.Woods in the year 2016 as “Bottom’s Dream”. This novel describes about the life of  54 year old Daniel Pagenstecher and this story include some other important characters such as Paul Jacobi, Wilma and  Franziska. Zettels Traum is an innovative and imaginative novel which narrates the story in three columns such as notes, collages and typewritten pages.


4. Min Kamp

Min Kamp is an Norwegian autobiographical novel of  Karl Ove Knausgard with 1,100,000 word count. This great novel was translated into English as “My Struggle”.  Min Kamp describes about the authors experience and  struggle he had in his life. Min Kamp is a lengthiest novel which consist of series of six volumes such as Min Kamp 1, Min Kamp2, ans so on in  Norwegian and as ‘Book one and a Death in family’, ‘Book 2:A Man in Love and A Man in Love’, ‘Boyhood Island’, ‘Dancing in the Dark’, ‘Some  Rain Must Fall’ and “The End’  in English with 3600 pages. This long novel has been published in 22 language and has sold half a million copies in Norway.


5. Ponniyin Selvan

Ponniyin Selvan is a Tamil historical novel that describe about the life of one of the great King Arulmozhivarman. This long novel with 900,000 word count was written by Kalki Krishnamurthy. The story narrates about the plots around the great King Arulmozhivarman who is also known as RajaRaja Chol I  and about the Chola Kings Karikal Peruvalathan, Killivalavan, Perunkilli and many more. This great epic novel was translated into English as “The Beloved of Ponni”. Some other important characters involved in this novel were Nandhini, Kundhavi, Aditya karikalan and many more. Ponniyin Selvan is a lengthy novel that consist of series of five volumes with 2,400 pages.


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