How To Pull Off A Beret In Style

How To Pull Off A Beret In Style

How To Pull Off A Beret In Style:

The accessory is one of the top fashion trends for 2018

It was said to be one of Jackie kennedy’s faves with the late ex-us First Lady often being spotted in one. Retro actresses Brigitte Bardot, Lauren Bacall and Greta Garbo also made a statement in their films with a beret and cut to the present, it’s also got the A-list carrying a crush over it. Beyonce made for a stunning picture in her asymmetrical dress at this year’s pre-Grammy’s Gala in New York, supermodel Kate Moss channeled vintage chic in her sequin dress with a matching beret on a dinner out in London and Rihanna. Gigi Hadid and kendall Jenner are also often spotted in the chic headgear. The Parisian-style garment is also the perfect end-of-winter garb. Here are tips on how to wear the headgear to suit your day.

Make it dark: The flat beret can be worn over formals and casuals but if it is the former, keep the colour dark. Black, dark maroon and purple work best with work wear. so does  grey. But avoid deep reds and tangerines.

Go with a T-shirt: If you are wearing a bright beret, go with a plain white or black T-shirt.

Not Straight: Always tilt the beret to the side for effect. It should cover part of the ears.

Yes, go , matchy-matchy: The best part about the accessory is that it lends a fun vibe to your whole look. Match your pink or red heels to a similar beret.

Perfect with denim: A vivid beret will go well with an alldenim look. Pair one with your denim skinnies and blazer.

Hairstyle: How about a side ways braid with your beret? Styles like top knots and buns may be ruled out with it. Include larger sized glasses and pussy bow blouses to go with it.

Make-up: Let your make-up match the colour of the beret. Go with pinks and lavenders as the season is apt for these hues.


A Classic black or grey beret with a pencil skirt and blouse or trousers, boots and a warm sweater, as the weather is still playing host for warmer wear.

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