Top5 Expensive Wedding dresses

Top5 Expensive Wedding dresses

Every Women looks forward to the day when she exchanges vows love with the man of her dreams. Weddings are expensive no matter how economical you try to be. The wedding dress is perhaps the most important element especially for the bride. Many brides have given the most attention to what they are going to wear on that eventful day. Some may go with a more traditional approach but others go beyond the conventions of fashion and culture, marching down the aisle in gowns that flaunt daring, brazen, and even outrageous designs. Here comes the list of Top5 expensive Wedding dresses.

Top5 Expensive Wedding dresses:

1.The Diamond Wedding Gown

The Diamond Wedding Gown is the most expensive Wedding gown which is a result of a creative collaboration between a Beverly Hills designer Renee Strauss and a jeweler Martin Katz. This unique dress made from the best fabrics and decorated with diamonds. One of the most expensive Wedding dresses in the world is made from 150 carats of diamonds at a staggering price of twelve million dollars ($12 Million). The dress was looking beautiful with designs of diamonds. The dress is famously known as the Diamond Wedding Gown and was also on display at the fashion and Diamonds show in Dubai. This luxurious Wedding gown is still unsold.

2.White Gold Diamond Dress by Yumi Katsura

The White Gold Diamond Dress by Japanese Wedding gown designer Yumi Katsura was considered to be the most expensive wedding dress in the world prior to the introduction of the Diamond Wedding Gown. This dress was designed beautiful with white gold and the finest satin and silk. It is adorned with more than one thousand pearls and has a rare five carat white gold diamond as a centerpiece along with a green diamond of 8.8 carats. The fact that is hand stitched zari embroidery makes it unique. This white gold diamond dress is estimated with the price tag of $8.5 million.

3.Danasha Luxury Wedding Gown

The Danasha Luxuury Wedding Gown was created by designer Danasha Luxury in partnership with Jad Ghandour. The Danasha Luxury gown is made of 75 Karats of Antwerp, Belgium diamonds that were hand-picked of 250 gram and 18-karat gold. There is no doubt that this dress can only be afforded by the mega rich, setting them back a cool $1.5 million. The gown does not have a train and has an elegant and clean looking appearance that is void of any lace or other adornments.

4.Peacock Feather Wedding Gown by Vera Wang

The peacock Wedding Gown by Vera Wang is far from the conventional white wedding gown and is handcrafted by more than 8 craftsmen. Its long round train consists of 2,009 male peacock feathers in commemoration of the year. The gown was supposedly designed for the wedding of Jennifer Lopez to Ben Affleck but this is not a certainty. This gown is more unusual and eye-catching designer wedding dress. Vera Wang reportedly spent two months with seven other designers finishing this epic wedding gown.

5.Sarah Burton Wedding Dress for Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s Wedding dress was created by Sarah Burton, a designer for Alexander McQueen for her wedding to Prince William in 2011 at Westminster Abbey. This dress was beautiful designed. The nine-foot train, a silk tulle veil and luxurious fabrics, such as English Cluny and French Chantilly lace, made this dress truly worthy of being worn by gorgeous future Queen. Kate’s veil was also created at the Royal School of Needlework and crafted with hand-embroidered flowers, and on the back of her dress were 58 buttons of gazar and organza, which fastened by means of rouleau loops. It took several months to create at a price tag of nearly $400,000.



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