Top 5 Best Violin Brands

Top 5 Best Violin Brands

Music has the ability to inspire, motivate as well as produce feelings of happiness, joy, melancholy and acceptance.  In addition to singing and vocalizing musical lyrics, musical instruments are what really add to a song’s depth and emotion. Violins are high precision and wonderful instruments. They are all about passion of a deep desire to create music. A high-quality violin is an essential investment that every aspiring violinist must make.There are many options available in the market. There are also different best violin brands to choose from. Here comes the list of Top5 Best Violin Brands.

Top 5 Best Violin Brands:

1. Stentor

Stentor is one of the most well-known and popular violin brands on the market, providing a range of stalwart, high quality, and long lasting instruments. It is made by hand and contains a solid maple back and a well-padded carrying case.It is finished in a cool brown lacquer that could smell like IKEA furniture but don’t let that deceive you.The strings are Red Label strings and will withstand most user needs.The violin is very well constructed and once you can properly position the sound post, you should be able to hear impressive sounds from it.

2. Windsor


Windsor violin kit comes with a ‘Absolute Beginners’ violin book to help with initial lessons. Windsor violins comprises a spruce top with ebony pieces like the tuning pegs and fingerboard. The rest of the body is made from ebony.Windsor violin  include blue, pink and purple colors but, if you are a fan of tradition, there are wonderfully varnished violins that are laid bare to admire.The sound produced from the Windsor is a vibrant, mellow tone that is well-tuned from the box. The chin rest is also made from ebony and easily adjustable.

3. Primavera

Primavera is a good violin brand for students who are just starting out on their violin journey. Primavera violins are suitable for children and beginners. Primavera violin as well designed and looks stylish of violins. Primavera 200 violins are very popular in schools and with music instructors, particularly as they come in a wide range of sizes that will suit different students. Primavera boasts of its award-winning  Primavera 200 for being chosen as the Best Stringed/Bowed Instrument by the UK Music Industries Association for 3 consecutive years – 2012, 2013, 2014.

4. Mendini


Mendini is another low to mid budget violin brand, that are ideal for beginners and those still at a lower grade.It is hand-made from solid spruce and has a well-finished maple back and side wood.The chin rest has an alloy tailpiece that also contains four fine tuners which are integrated into the piece. The bow that is supplied with the Mendini MV300 is made from Brazil wood and authentic Mongolian horsehair. The sound is warm and crisp for an affordable violin. The stunning finish also make it look much more expensive than it really is.

5. Cecilio

Cecilio violins win affection from violinist of all levels, with their handcrafted violins and high quality bows.The Cecilion  is a full-size violin with its top fashioned from spruce wood. The back and the sides are made from maple and it is finished in the inlays with satin in an antique style. The sound produced from the Cecilio violins is quite adequate for an intermediate violin. Cecilio violins will last many years and can be handed down through the family, making it a great sentimental buy as well as something that will provide years of great music.


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