Shahrukh khan net worth

Shahrukh khan net worth Shah Rukh Khan  was born on  2 November, 1965. He is  also known as SRK. SRK  is an Indian film actor, producer and television personality he is also referred  in  media as the “Badshah of Bollywood”, “King of Bollywood”, “King Khan”.  He has

Top5 best deodorant for men

Top5 best deodorant for men Deodorants and body sprays are essential for men’s grooming. Since men also like to smell good and avoid the sweat and body odor. There are many men’s deodorants in the market and it gets difficult to choose which the

Top10 richest celebrities

Top10 richest celebrities From Hollywood to Bollywood, the soccer pitch to the stage, fame can equal fortune. It’s a well known fact that celebrities make a lot of money. These celebrities belong to any field, profession and successful career like businessmen & women, politician, sport

Top 10 best watch brands

Top 10 best watch brands Watch is a device used to measure and keep track of time. In ancient times  time is measured  just by looking at sun soon and shadow of the objects.  Clocks which worked with springs and keys  known as  Sand clock

Top 10 Richest actors in world

Top 10 Richest actors in world Entertainment want to every people in the world. The most powerful entertainment industry is a film industry. Actors one who perform characters like comedian, thriller, romance and many roles to entertain the audience gains huge fame and recognizance