Top 5 Dangerous Islands in the World

Top 5 Dangerous Islands in the World

Island were nothing but a piece of land surrounded by water which is fulfilled by both beauty and danger in nature.  People who love adventure and unnaturalized traveling’s  mostly chose islands to spend their vacation because of its isolated nature. The listed here were dangerous and creepy islands which are unsafe for humans and even for mammals. The islands which were turned uninhabitable by nature like volcanoes, animals, mammals and so on and due to the dangerous human experiments  were listed in this list of  Top 5 Dangerous Islands in the World.

Top 5 Dangerous Islands in the World:

1. Ilha da Queimada Grande

Ilha da Queimada Grande which is also known as “Snake Island” is located in the coast of Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. The uninhabited 110 acre island  is 206 meter above sea level and covered by barren rock, open grass land and rain forest. Due to the rocky landscape and isolation this island has became home for unique reptile type Bothrops insularis and more than 41 species of birds. The poisonous golden lancehead which grows up to 70 cm on average is surrounded in every square meter of Ilha da Queimada Grande island with the total population of 2000 to 4000 snakes. The unique reptile on the planet ‘golden lancehead’  has listed into endangered animal list due to its less population because of high hunting. Since, visiting this island has forbidden by Brazilian Navy.

2. Miyake-jima

Miyake-jima also known as “Volcanic Island” is located in the Philippine Sea of Honshu, Japan. The 755.1 meter height active volcano Mount Oyama is present in this island. The result of six major eruption and 17500 earthquakes between the period of June 26 to July 21 in 2000 this island has been isolated and uninhabited. The 42000 ton of  toxic Sulfur Oxide gas from the volcanic eruption have made the people who lived on the island to evacuate and returned in 2005 with the total population of 2775. The citizens of this town use to wear a ‘Gas Mask’ to escape from toxic air, even the visitors should undergo the respiratory medical checkup to visit the island. The Tokyo Metropolitan government  suggest the tourist to step in with gas mask inside the town.

3. Ramree Island

Ramree Island is an island filled with “horrifying crocodile” is located in the Rakhine State coast, Burma. Zikha Taung hill with 305 meter height is the highest point on island. The presence of large water crocodile which weights up to 2,200 pounds and 23 feet length, poisonous Scorpio and malaria caring mosquitoes made this island creepy. In 1945, during Second World War the 1000 Japanese soldiers field into the forest but only 20 of them survived from these men eating crocodiles and this incident has been recorded as “The Greatest Disaster Suffered from Animal” by Guinness World Record Book. Cheduba island, Magyi Kyun and Sagu Kyun were the nearby island of Ramree Island. The dangerous and unique species crocodiles in this island were listed into endangered animal list because of high hunting.

 4. Farallon Islands

Farallon Islands is a group of island which is also known “Islands of the Dead” and “Devil’s Teeth Island” due to  the presence of  dangerous white shark is  located in the coast of San Francisco, California. The interesting fact about this island is it consist of the largest light in California with the height of 41 feet in 1855. This island and surrounding water consist of various species of seabirds, seals, sea lions, whales and  sharks. The dangerous sharks and whales made it isolated and  between the time span of 1946 to 1970, 55 gallon nuclear waste was dumped into this island by US Atomic Energy Commission. Due to the nuclear waste and creepy sharks Farallon island were termed as uninhabitable place. The Farallon Island surrounded with White Sharks and Elephant Seals were restricted to visiting except few scientist.

5. Gruinard Island

Gruinard Island  is an oval shaped island with 196 hectares is located halfway between Gairloch  and Ullapool in Scotland, UK. Until late 20th century this island was “full of woods” and with the population of six in 1881 but after  1942, due to the biological warfare experiment with anthrax bacterium conducted by British Military Gruniard Island was declared and dangerous and prohibited area for all mammals. The project called “Operation Dark Harvest” was started in early 1980’s to decontaminate the island with 280 tons of formaldehyde solution and group of sheep was tested to survive in the island which was successful. Junior Defense Minister ‘Michael Neubert’ in 1990, declared this island as “Safe” by removing the quarantine sign. Due to the resilience of the bacterium this island remained uninhabited.


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