Top 5 Haunted Places

Top 5 Haunted Places

Even though haunted places were filled with mysterious and scary stories people often show  more interest in the haunted places. It is believed that haunted places were uninhabited due to the presence of negative energy which is otherwise known as supernatural spirits. The each and every haunted place listed below have a creepy story behind it. Apart from stories these places were listed in haunted list because of the real victim’s who have experienced the presence of  supernatural spirit. Here comes the list of Top 5 Haunted Place in the World.

Top 5 Haunted Places:

1. Changi Beach, Singapore


Changi Beach at  Singapore is a Beach enhanced with Park located at northern tip of  Changi. This oldest 28 hectare beach consist of  an Old Changi Hospital which is also termed as haunted.  The most beautiful Changi Beach has turned into the world’s most haunted place after Second World War by killing thousands of Chinese soldiers. The beach which turned as a graveyard for thousand of innocent soldiers has termed as haunted place by visitors and people living  there for paranormal activities such as painful crying sounds of soldiers, flying heads of Chinese soldiers, sobbing headless body, blood stains in sand and so on that witnessed on the beach.

2. Ohio University, America

Ohio University is one of the largest public research university in Athens, US. The Ohio University were termed as haunted for the four dormitory present in the university such as Wilson Hall, Washington Hall, Crawford Hall and Jefferson Hall. Each of the dormitory is filled with various ghost stories even though this university is still a ranking institution. The creepy story behind the haunted university were ‘the room 428 in Wilson Hall’. The strange and unnatural suicide of  female inhabitant in the room 428 have emerged into various scary ghost stories. After this tragic incident many people have experienced paranormal activities inside the university.


3. Screaming Tunnel, Ontario

Screaming Tunnel  located at Niagara Falls, Ontario is a small limestone tunnel constructed in early 1800’s  with 4.9 meter height and 38 meter length. This haunted dark passage was also known as “Blue Ghost Tunnel”. Screaming tunnel was actually constructed as a drainage passage and latter it was used by local farmers for transportation. The paranormal activity such as screaming and sobbing of a young girl from burned farmhouse inside the tunnel made this haunted. Several other overlapped stories related to young girl and her tragic death were rumored. Some victims have encountered the real experience by visiting this haunted Screaming Tunnel.

4. Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort was built by Man Singh I at seventeenth century in Rajasthan, India. This Bhangarh Fort is famous for its rich history and haunted paranormal incidents. The whole town was uninhabited since it was cursed and haunted with paranormal activities.  The story between the beautiful Bhangarh princes Ratnavati who was liked by a wicked wizard N.K. Sinhai and her tragic death because of the wizards curse were the reason that lie behind the hauntedness of this Fort. Due to the paranormal incidents of this Fort, people were restricted to visit the fort after sunset. Bhangarh Fort is one of the major tourist attraction apart from haunted place, Since it is well reserved and maintained.

5. Highgate Cemetery, England

Highgate Cemetery is a burial ground with historic park and garden located at England with more than 53,000 graveyards. The surroundings of the cemetery and graveyards in the cemetery were filled with wildflowers, tree and wild animal such as fox which made it creepy. By experiencing the paranormal incidents related to ‘Vampires’ on the grave of the cemetery by victims, this place were termed as haunted and frightening one. Apart from the hauntedness this cemetery consist of  great  peoples grave like Karl Marx, Michael Faraday, Douglas Adams and many more. Many stories related to vampire, headless body and ghost were rumored about this Cemetery even now.


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