Top5 Fittest International Cricketers

Top5 Fittest International Cricketer

The importance of fitness in any kind of sport cannot be underlined, The fitter you are the better you will be able to play. Since Cricket is a team sport, all of the players are required to be in action. Cricket is also about fitness, stamina, keeping your calm and maintaining concentration through those hours of stress, physical efforts and unpredictability besides from rules and techniques. Cricketers have been working their days nights giving their sweat and blood to give their best to the game. Here comes the Top5 fittest international cricketer’s list.

Top5 Fittest International Cricketers

1.AB De Villiers

AB De Villiers is a South African Skipper born on 17 February, 1984. He plays all formats. He is well cricketer and very good human of cricket world. His record says that he has says never been unfit, which reflected on his performance and field enthusiasm. He has batted at various positions in the batting order but predominantly in the middle-order. AB devillers has big fan base in India and all of countries. Running is the big secret of his fitness, he takes his fitness very seriously. All the sports that AB devilliers has played includes running, he comes from a family where fitness is necessary since both his parents are marathon comrades.

2.Virat Kohli

Virat kohli is unbeatable when it comes to fitness, born on 5 November, 1988. Virat kholi is an Indian international cricketer who currently plays the captain role in the India national team. Kholi is one of the most successful player in India. Virat kholi follows a strict routine a combination of both weights and cardio exercises with five day workout and two days rest as he believes that resting is equally important, as said by a restaurant manager. kholi is the one who follows the healthiest diet among all the Indian players. kholi has a discipline for his fitness, and unlike his lifestyle he refuses to smoke or drink. The most important part of kholi’s diet is mineral water in order to avoid both minor and moderate diseases and illness.

3.Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an Indian cricketer and most successful Indian captain, born on 7 July 1981. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest finishers in limited-overs cricket. Dhoni is the very good human, silent and cool captain of  Indian team. He believes that being healthy doesn’t only means being fit but also keeping mind cool and calm even in the most pressurized situations of the game. He has a list to his diet which includes, no fats. fresh juice. playing games, protein drinks, variety in meal, his love for milk products and munching of proteins like nuts. It is also believed that Dhoni is a self healer and does not rely on drugs to cure his injuries.

4.Dale Steyn

Dale steyn is South African pace man, born on 27 June 1983. He a simple belief “build stamina, not muscles, you don’t need the body of Tarzan if you bowl like Jane”. Dale steyn is a right-arm fast bowler and can bowl and at speeds of around 145-156 km/h. He has made a body of endurance not power to avoid injuries. He is renowned for his fitness. He has a regular diet of brown rice, Chicken, fishes like tuna as well as the mandatory protein shakes, Juices and energy drinks.

5.Faf Du Plessis

Faf Du Plessis is a South African T-20 captain, born on 13 July 1984. He use to play all three formats of the game and has outstanding fielding abilities and great stamina. He loves cooking very much. He follows a healthy diet that consists a breakfast of oatmeal, milk and honey for lunch and dinner he generally has salmon or chicken which serves both, keeping him contented without affecting his weight and also low in fats.



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